Electronic Data Interchange

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  1. OFTP2 Explained
  2. OFTP2 Interoperability Tested Software
  3. OFTP2 Certificate Policy
  4. Odette Certification Authority
  5. OFTP parameters for JIS data transfer

Security Policy

  • Generally encryption is set up by TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS ensures sufficient security and protection by encryption of transferred data and protocol orders against data abuse by a third party.
  • OFTP2 functionality for data encryption with electronic signature can be used in case legislature requires it or in case of mutual agreement and requirement of the business partner.
  • Authentication of certificates is required
  • SAPE Bohemia uses the certificate published by the certification agency Odette International.

Technical requirements of the business partner

  • Implementation of a product with OFTP2 support
  • Obtain SSL certificate published by a certification authority, which is recognized by SAPE Bohemia or rather Škoda AUTO – explained below – recommendation is CA Odette International
  • CA Odette International import root certificate

List of recognized certification authorities

EDI in numbers

Daily number of messages
Number of channels
Number of objects