Business Activity (export)

1) Purchase and sale of parts in the automotive industry

2) Assembly, packaging of parts in the automotive industry

3) Provision, organization of transportation and shipping of purchased/sold goods

4) Provision of customs and freight forwarding services for purchased/sold goods


ad 1) SAPE Bohemia ensures the purchase and sale of goods (parts) for the automotive industry within and outside the European Union for itself and for third parties based on their requirements.

ad 2) Based on specific requirements, the goods may be assembled, packaged, repackaged, checked and sorted. All of these services can be provided on the customer’s premises or our own based on the requirements.

ad 3) Based on customer’s requirements the purchased/sold goods can be transported by our own means of transportation across the whole of Europe or by a contracted air shipping company.

ad 4) In order to ensure delivery, we also provide all of the freight forwarding and customs services, so that the end customer does not have to bother dealing with the entire procedure.